No, our sanity is still intact. Moreover, we've documented it in black and white. Continue reading to uncover further details about this genuinely restricted opportunity...

Updated: 17 of August, 2023

Dear Entrepreneurial Visionary,

If your goal is to attract an abundance of clients, customers, and sales beyond your wildest business aspirations…

Prepare yourself for a message that will ignite your enthusiasm like never before.

Here’s the compelling reason:

Let’s be honest… Even the most skeptical among us would need to be immune to excitement and ambition not to be captivated by the opportunity presented above.

It’s only natural for your inner skeptic to raise an eyebrow and inquire, “what on earth is this all about?!!

After all, any rational business owner would question a company making audacious claims like these.

But fear not, for we arrive equipped with an arsenal of credentials and a plethora of evidence to substantiate every word..

*settles in with anticipation*

To begin with, we’ve crafted an unparalleled ‘sales methodology’ that stands apart from anything you’ve encountered before…

(this is just one element fueling this remarkable potential). We’ve successfully deployed it in more instances than…

Generating $1.33 billion in sales across 416 diverse industries and niches.

And we’ve also used this selling system to…

  • Elevating a fledgling home building startup from ground zero to an impressive $7 million in just 8 months. Their rapid success led them to hit their building insurance quota, preventing them from taking on additional clients.

  • Revitalizing a Pilates instructor training business that was barely breaking even at $200k in revenue. Within a mere 14 months, we orchestrated a transformative turnaround, propelling the business to a staggering $2 million in annual sales.

  • Launching a mattress startup that soared from nonexistence to an astonishing $13 million in revenue within the first year. Our strategies led to warehouses fully depleted of stock, with the manufacturer struggling to keep up with demand.

  • Facilitating an exponential growth for a modest father and son building enterprise, catapulting their sales from $3 million to an extraordinary $50 million in just 18 MONTHS.

  • Orchestrating an unprecedented surge in sales for an Aged Care provider, propelling their revenue from $4 million to an impressive $25 million in just 12 months. Remarkably, this achievement was realized through a simple 2-step funnel and a single traffic source.

  • Accomplishing the sale of an astounding $51 million worth of property within a mere 8 WEEKS, all through a single funnel. This achievement stands out even more considering the super-niche property market involved. The client’s trajectory shifted from obscurity to prominence in just two months.

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg; we have a plethora of success stories similar to these across various industries. Our adaptable “selling system” has proven its efficacy across diverse sectors, ranging from small businesses to multi-billion dollar corporations.

In essence, our sales approach represents the pinnacle of effectiveness and conversion rates, setting a new standard for the art of selling.


4.8 stars out of 1,244 reviews


Who peddled you the globe, and at most, handed over the moon?

I’m aware you recognize this archetype…

These trendy folks lounging before blank slates, prattling about plant-based cheese, body gaps, and the sheer count of “impressions” your adverts garnered…

(Ugh! Just the thought makes my blood simmer.)

For in a realm where mentors mentor mentors… The majority of online marketers are akin to dubious rug merchants.

Instead of squandering our time and resources in attempts to persuade you of our distinctiveness…

For a limited span, we’ve opted to jeopardize our own funds to DEMONSTRATE that we stand apart.

Because, from our perspective, the realm of digital marketing exhibits more ineptitude per capita than perhaps any other vocation. Full stop.

(Well, aside from perhaps solar companies and chiropractors)

Regardless, whether it was a digital marketing firm, an in-house staffer, a business advisor, or a latte-sipping “marketing aficionado” who once vowed you outcomes…

But when all was said and done, they bequeathed you more alibis than actual achievements.

We hold to this maxim that “digital marketing comprises 80% perplexity and 20% commission.” Regrettably, it holds a kernel of truth.

And most business proprietors embark on their business expansion through digital marketing in a manner akin to…


What sets us apart from armchair “experts” and mere theory peddlers who talk a big game but seldom deliver?

To begin with, we’re the sole agency bold enough (or perhaps a bit crazy) to offer a results guarantee – if we don’t deliver, we don’t get paid.

Moreover, we’re not some fly-by-night operation that sprang up overnight. We’ve been immersed in this field since 2014 – a virtual eternity in the online realm.

Not to mention, we’ve consistently secured the top spot as Australia’s swiftest expanding digital agency for multiple consecutive years. The Australian Financial Review has even recognized us as the 17th fastest-growing company across all industries.

What truly matters, though, is that many of our clients have achieved recognition as the fastest-growing enterprises within their respective sectors.

Understandably, our strategies are tried-and-true, having endured the rigors of more than $50 million in advertising expenditure spanning 416 diverse industries and niches, resulting in a reported client revenue of $1.33 billion.

We’ve honed this expertise into a precise science, akin to a mathematical equation. But we’re not here to merely assert our prowess; instead, we invite you to explore the delectable proof pie we’ve been perfecting for nearly half a decade…



4.8 stars out of 1,244 reviews


These are the kinds of stories that can bring a hint of moisture to our eyes—almost.

But let’s move on from that for now…

Allow me to address the question that’s been consuming your thoughts…


4.8 stars out of 1,244 reviews

We CAN outperform any agency, marketer, or traffic expert on the entire planet. If we don't deliver, you won't owe us a single cent!

Are you feeling enthused by this proposition? Eager to challenge us?

Hold your horses, my friend… let’s take a step back.

We need to establish some basics beforehand.

This isn’t suitable for everyone.

Three vital prerequisites must be in place before you even consider taking a shot at this opportunity:

  1. You should currently have active advertisements on either Google or Facebook, and these ads should be generating a profit. This opportunity is not suitable for beginners or businesses that haven’t yet ventured into online advertising. (If you’re interested in us creating a funnel and ads from the ground up, you can check if you meet the criteria here.)
  2. You need to be open to our creative process in crafting effective ads. Understand, as we’re investing our resources, we prioritize our vision over opinions from you, your business partner, your spouse, friends, or anyone else. We will, of course, seek your input for legal and factual accuracy in the ads, but we’ll retain full creative authority. After all, we can only ensure the success of ads that we have complete ownership of.
  3. You are prohibited from engaging in the sale of any items that are questionable, unlawful, deceptive, hazardous, or linked to multi-level marketing in any manner. That covers the entirety of the restriction.

Are you intrigued by this opportunity? Do the qualifications mentioned above align with your profile? If that’s the case, please proceed to this link and schedule a 30-minute strategy session with our team. This will help us determine if we’re a compatible match.

P.S. Well, hello there. Need a bit more persuasion, do you?

Listen closely, my friend. You can either keep toiling away tirelessly, enduring stress, hassle, and uncertainty. Continuously fretting about your next client, dealing with the chaotic whirlwind of deceitful ad agencies, escalating ad expenses, unreliable staff, dismal conversion rates, and an income that fluctuates between feasts and famines.

Or, you can take a different route. Click the link below, set up a call with my team, and let’s explore how we can swiftly and dramatically escalate your company’s sales over the next six months. All without any risk!

However, a word of caution: When you pray for rain, be ready to contend with some mud. Make sure your business infrastructure is ready to SCALE!

No more “Can we pause the ads for a week?” It’s time to step into your role as a business leader and SCALE.

Looking forward to our conversation.

TL;DR Version:

We’ll craft a campaign to outperform your best ads, and if we don’t succeed, you don’t pay. Take action now before we have a waiting list and a strict dress code, as we’re only accepting 8 new clients each month under this offer.